Monday, November 03, 2008

The Denis Promise

My most recent post questions the wisdom of the Racine Promise idea that would offer free college tuition to graduates of Racine public schools. The program, in addition to offering free tuition, promises to increase jobs, the housing market, disposable income, population, and businesses while generating economic growth in the surrounding communities. This plan does not go far enough.

Consider the Denis Promise: Everything in Racine will be free. We can even call it Free Racine. Yes, I will freely give my blog name for the benifit of everyone.

When everything is free in Racine, you can be sure that our local population will boom as never before. The housing market would boom as people flock to Racine to scoop up our vacant buildings. New housing would then spring up made from free materials and built with free labor. Jobs would be free for the taking though most would probably prefer the vast amounts of free time made available by all the free products and services which would free us from the need to work.

The Denis Promise has been successfully implemented in the past. Check out the USSR Promise web site for details.


Caledonication said...

Don't forget the free kool-aid (already being served though).

Poker Strip said...

It is a special case..