Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just Wondering

Can we have unity and diversity simultaneously?


Anonymous said...

not on this blog we can't

Anonymous said...

look to Obama's supporters and who was in attendance at his acceptance speech. That was unity AND diversity at its finest.

McCain's crowd and supporters, the usual. white folk.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm back to characterizing anon as the biggest butt splasher in existence. Yes, look at that crowd. Lots of black/hispanics and that's great. Fewer at McCain's rallies - and why? They have been sold on the fact that he is a bad guy and won't give them free stuff. Obama, a total lier, promised lots of free stuff that he is going to Robin Hood away from evil rich people.

Why vote for an opportunity when you can vote for free stuff? The people who built this country and keep it strong will vote for the former - who votes for the other?

Denis Navratil said...

anon 4:45 you help prove my point. To you diversity is limited to color and ethnicity, while I maintain that diversity is, well, more diverse than that. If we all become united, then we will be abandoning the most important type of diversity, diversity of thought. But I suspect that you anon don't really think to begin with. You will be OK with others telling what to feel or believe.

Anonymous said...

in my 4:45 post, i can't find where i said diverse means color.

anon 5:02, you seem to feel that all rich people are white. why? You also seem to think white people were the only people who had a role in building this country. Why? Obviously you don't have a clue about US history.

Denis, thinking consistently republican isn't my idea of "diverse" thought. Thinking consistently for yourself is, however.

Anonymous said...

The "Angry Black Man" syndrome has morphed into "Angry White Man" syndrome. How poetic.

Face reality, a black man is your president.
Get over it.

Anonymous said...

So Denis, as you explain it, people must be divided in order exhibit "diverse thought"?

So as you explain, a couple can be united in marriage, but can not demonstrate individiual ideals or thoughts because they are united?

Anonymous said...

Yes, obviously I know nothing. You are an ass.

Many people, including blacks, built this country. I don't "hate" anyone. I don't "hate" Obama because he is black any more than I "hate" a car because it is purple. I "hate" Obama because he is Obama.

Now go back to smoking crack while you wait for that check to arrive!

Nemo said...

Anonymous (4:45) said...
"look to Obama's supporters and who was in attendance at his acceptance speech. That was unity AND diversity at its finest."

A mob of moochers and looters are almost by definition united, but where was the diversity of thought in that sea of socialism?

Anonymous said...

nemo, LOL, so the 150,000 grandmas, veterans, hispanics, whites, cops and so on at Obama's acceptance speech are now all looters and moochers?

where's the diversity of thought in this sea of conservatism? Everyone in here champions "diversity of thought", but i have yet to hear anyone actually exhibiting any diverse thinking, just Republican group-think.

Anonymous said...

Rahm Emanuel? Are you shitting me?

"Change - or we'll come and break yer freakin' legs!"

Nemo said...

Anonymous (11:54AM) said...
"nemo, LOL, so the 150,000 grandmas, veterans, hispanics, whites, cops and so on at Obama's acceptance speech are now all looters and moochers?"

Yes, looters mostly.

just a thought... said...

Interesting that you (anon 445) and I have something in common...we both believe in the concept of a tolerant society of concern is that your tolerance ends when people disagree with hope is that you consider this.

Individual responsibility is what built this country and abandoning it now will be it's downfall.

I "hope" that Obama stays as centrist as he sold himself as to all Americans...if he does take the far left stance as he has historically, he will be remembered as a liar, not as a great transitional leader he has hopes & has the opportunity to be. He has charisma and is well spoken, now he needs to lead with it. He has all the cards stacked in his favor, our future is now up to him. I just "hope" he realizes the importance of individual responsibility as a critical footing for the future of all Americans whether they be white, black, blue or yellow or just diverse in their thought or hair style.

make it happen! said...

Your thought is a nice dream...maybe in an orgy, otherwise the needs of too many different special interest groups are too far apart in their needs & wants. This country doesn't have the tax dollars to take care of every special interest group needing help or their own government funded program or facility to gather in and discuss how the cards are stacked against them.

Although I am against illegals not getting in line like many generations before them have to get citizenship, pay taxes & get is interesting & encouraging to see how some ethnic groups get up early in the morning, group together and stand on a corner (day labor) looking to make money for their family and others stand in line at a government office. To "just a thought's" point, individual responsibility is key.

When people in society truly need help, government should be there to help get them back on their feet or if they truly cannot, help them long term. We don't need 500 special government agencies to do this, just people who can use common sense & figure out who needs help and who doesn't. Obama has to stop the freeloading...simple as that. Hard work and less programs will give way to a diverse, unified society...all working together.

Cut government, get inspired to make it happen yourself!

Anonymous said...

its' funny how the entire Bush administration can be as far right as humanly possible, bi-partisanship non-existent, even though Bush campaigned on working with both sides of the aisle. But Obama has to be a centrist in his.

In addition, the current administration has done virtually nothing to deter, or even slow down the economic distress we are in today. People forget, we are still currently in the Bush administration, an administration who is helping to keep America hemorraging. Banks are collapsing, credit is hard to obtain for anybody, job cuts, the entire US auto industry is on the verge of collapse and seeking a bailout package too. The first corporate bailout package subsidized by taxpayers went to pay for a $440,000 corporate getaway at a spa. Another case of corporate greed and abuse.

I definitely agree that we just need common sense, and the past 8 years, particularly the past 8 - 9 months have been completely void of this. Bailing out corporations and industry should be a no, no, If you can't compete, get out the game.
I own several businesses, can i get bailed out too?
Bills to penalize federal contractors who outragously overbill taxpayers on federal contracting should not have been vetoed by republicans. Corporations and government need to understand that welfare is welfare, no matter how you spin it.

Make It Happen, blaming societies ills solely on the black race of people, is an avoidance of real issues. Their are millions of lazy people of all races, to single one group as scapegoats is very weak and a slap in the face to the millions of taxpaying, society contributing, successful black americans throughout the country.

make it happen said...

who blamed a specific race...doesn't matter the color, beer, hairstyle or who you are...make it happen on your own.

for those who can't there is and always should be a safety net.

not sure where you picked up a color...get out of the freeloader line and do something to make it happen yourself.

by the way, I'm not a Bush or Bailout fan either.

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