Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MPS Incentives

The Milwaukee Public School system has apparently been offering Ipods as an incentive to children so they will sign up for and attend school breakfast programs. See Charlie Sykes for more detail.

Hunger has always been a sufficient incentive to get me to eat. Apparently many MPS students are not hungry enough to accept a free meal. Why not leave it at that?

Speaking of incentives, there is obviously some unknown incentive driving MPS to spend money trying to get well fed children to accept a free meal before school. My guess is that MPS is somehow rewarded financially for increasing the size of this program.


Nemo said...

Your guess is correct. The more kids that sign up for the free meal program, not eat anything mind you just sign up, the more federal money gets poured into the rat hole.

On a side note, I've been playing at blue Racine now since just before the banishishment of '08. While trying to educate and enlighten I have been told that my comments are "really tiring" and that "This is not a place for people to come and constantly snipe me for kicks". Yet banishment seems to be beyond my grasp. Urban Pioneer, what's your secret?

Denis Navratil said...

Nemo, I have known a gal for a number of years, and it was impossible to offend her, until I called her a Christian. You might give that a try.

Urban Pioneer said...

Hey Nemo, I was reading some of your great points over on the Dark side. You even called the Hostess purple!! And yet you still didn't get dejected. I have also admired the double standard applied to even the slightest "snarky" remark.. Which mine were not. I also notice the manners police are in full. U college educated folks...man I feel like such a neanderthal. But I think the Blue people only want to talk to each other,then they can be self-righteous and unblemished by the heathens who use critical thinking. Good luck.