Monday, March 14, 2011

He took er job

The Journal Times has a cool story about a middle school kid at Prairie who is helping other kids in math at the Racine Public Library.

We are in Racine, so look for a teachers union grievance any day now.


Anonymous said...

Dennis for $600 I'm sure he can buy his "card"!

Sean Cranley said...
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Sean Cranley said...

I'm certain most thinking people would agree that one key to successfully educating America's youth is for them to have and show respect for their teachers. How is that possible with the kind of pervasive, hateful disrespect of educators typified by the likes of Ano here?

Do people of ill will like this really think that their scapegoating derision does not rub off on the attitudes of their children and on others they come in contact with that creates and perpetuates this negative environment?

Denis Navratil said...

I didn't see the deleted post above so I can't comment on its content. I agree that young people should show respect for their teachers, even if it is not deserved. More importantly, our youth should be taught that which is worthy of respect and conversely, those things that are not. But it is always a tricky undertaking to teach some of those things, especially at a public school, as at some point religious values may enter into the discussion and we can't have that now can we! To conclude, I think children should show respect to their teachers, even if they don't respect some of the behaviors like skipping school to demonstrate, lying about a sickness, promoting boycotts/punishment of people who exercise their rights to contribute to campaigns etc... Respect the person even if you can't respect some of their behavior. After all, who among us has not at one time or another engaged in behavior unworthy of respect?

Sean Cranley said...

The deleted comment was mine, it had a typo, so I deleted it and reposted. My comment refers to the first comment above by Ano.

Oh and WAY to equivocate Denis! Respect teachers? Definitely, kinda sorta, but not really.

Religious values in the public schools Denis? Well I have no problem with that as long as they're MINE!

But seriously, of course you and many others would legitimately object to that. Anyway, the religious values that are not just cultural window dressing, but really worth their salt are expressed in schools all the time. They are the universal truths of civilized human beings of goodwill. You and Ano know about goodwill to all men right?

You know, the aspirations of our better angels, honesty, integrity, peacefulness, lawfulness, respect for the rights of others, compassion, empathy, sharing, etc. These qualities, taught in schools everyday, are necessary for the health of the communities upon which our health, welfare and very survival depend today, just as they have for hundreds of thousands of years.

Which of course is why they are pretty much universally expressed in religions from around the planet, religions that themselves are universal in the sense that every human culture on the planet has at least one. Kinda like language. Gosh, it's almost like it's genetic or something.

But of all those thousands of religions, sects and subsects of course mine alone is the one exceptable truth worthy teaching to your children in our public schools!

Nemo said...

It would be nice to teach honesty, integrity, peacefulness and lawfulness in public schools. It's a pity that several public school teachers represent the very antithesis of those qualities. In view of this, perhaps it would be better/more fruitful to teach such things at home.

Anonymous said...

Hey can anyone explain the idiocy of the libs in Madison today. GOP taking on the little people. Come on you stupid people if you are making 80K a year you are not little.

Here is a proposal for all of the dumb uneducated libs. Let's raise taxes to cover all of their union demands. We won't even ask for accountability like our children actually learning. We won't require people to show up to work. We will just pay them.

Lets give them a raise for all of their so called efforts and hard work. Increase their pensions.

Then I will move out of this State and watch will the demise!!


Sean Cranley said...

I greatly appreciate the two examples of Cult of Con "insightfulness" expressed above. Keep exhibitin folks, you'll make my job almost effortless!

Nemo said...

Are you addressing me sean? If so, I will respond and not get a fake doctor's note to avoid answering. I'm sure you would agree that getting such a fake note would show dishonesty, lack of integrity and lawlessness. Heh.

Sean Cranley said...

Well, Nemo holding forth on honesty and integrity. What's next, Bu$hyboy on good governance and balanced budgets?

Nemo said...

Boooosh, sean? Seriously? Boooosh! That's your argument? Boooosh! I pulled up Denis's site this morning curious about your response. Seeing Boooosh! cracked me up. Thanks! (Booooosh! Heh.)

Sean Cranley said...

Yeah, you know, the war criminal who was the last president, who along with the other members of his shamelessly corrupt cabal is more responsible for the mess we're in today than nay other single person, that Boooosh.