Sunday, March 06, 2011

Poll Question

I have been paying fairly close attention to the Madison standoff. I have heard of numerous polls concerning whether unions should pay more for health care and pensions. I have heard of polls asking whether or not Governor Walker should limit collective bargaining for state employees. Both sides of the divide use the results to bolster their respective arguments.

I have yet to hear of a poll concerning the missing state senators. My own view is that this is not an inconsequential question. I can't imagine that leaving your job to prevent a vote would poll well with the vast majority of Americans.

I can understand why most of the media would avoid the question. But I can't fathom why Fox News wouldn't ask the question.

Anyway, I am just a tad puzzled by the lack of polling on this issue. My hope would be that it would poll terribly such that neither party would ever again try such a stunt.


BradK said...

Won't matter in the long run, even if it doesn't poll positively for the Democrats. It's happened in the past, it'll someday happen again, the committed (no matter which side) will embrace them no matter the reason because the ends will justify the means, the opposite committed will condemn them and the "independent 20%" will not make it a swing issue come election time.

My prediction / 2 cents worth.


Judge Mental said...

Liberals can get away with anything (look at Ted Kennedy & the Clintons as examples)with little to no consequences. This would not poll well if the Conservatives tried it, but nothing will come of it if it's a liberal.

Denis Navratil said...

I see at Charlie Sykes site that there has been a poll asking about the fleeing senators. 51-47 against. That is a scary number to me as it suggests or confirms what I had suspected, that is, that there is no pressure on the senators from their base. When nearly half the population are ready to scrap a democratic process in favor of mobs of protesters etc... well, that is the stuff that civil wars are made of. Do I think a civil war is imminent in this country? No, but I think if fleeing a legal vote, ratcheting up pressure with protesters etc... becomes a normal way of doing business for Dems, at some point Pubs will do the same, though I hope not. It is not too hard to imagine physical confrontations replacing a democratic process. Methinks a new name might be appropriate for the Democrats as they have sullied theirs.

Caledonia Unplugged said...

Again, Denis, what Brad said - "the end justifies the means" - doesn't matter how drastic the means are. Winning and power are everything, nothing else matters. That (IMHO twisted) philosophy has been the mantra of the left for quite some time, certainly more overtly under the Obama administration, and has sufficiently infiltrated the general leftist population that yeah, Dems don't care how you get it done as long as you get it done. Since Wisconsin is a swing state, I'd expect any polling on the fugitive 14 to be right around the 50-50 range.

Anonymous said...

"dems don't care how you get it done, just get it done"? Sounds like the same thing took place in Madison tonite by your repub friends.