Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stupid American

Today I was selling my wares at a multicultural/international event at a university. Next to me was vendor who was talking to a customer for quite some time. He was from Milwaukee but appeared to be of middle eastern origin. His customer was speaking amiably and enthusiastically until he asked her where she was from. Her reply was "I'm from stupid America."

And this pretty well sums up the multicultural mindset. Celebrate other cultures, denigrate our own. Stupid indeed.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that "stupid American" isn't so dumb that her guilt is to the point where she'll actually leave our great nation to frolic in the obviously greener grass of say - the middle east?

Anonymous said...

Kind of like denigrating our own president for being able to understand and respect all faiths. Stupid huh?

Denis Navratil said...

Good point anon 4:59. It never is quite so bad here that they want to leave.

Anon 5:09, I don't know of anyone denigrating President Obama for understanding and respecting all faiths. But even if I am wrong about that, what does that have to do with the stupid American gal mentioned in my post?

Judge Mental said...

Denis, it's cool to hate your home country.
She's just fitting in with the campus mentality. If she had a independent thought, perhaps she could have explained to this person which one of Obama's policies she thought was stupid. She was referring to Obama/Reed/Pelosi administration wasn't she????

Sean Cranley said...

If I were from another country I'd be very concerned about stupid America, where the inmates are trying to take over the asylum and regretably in Wisconsin, already have (for now).

Imagine if Palin, Bachman or one of these other teabaggy nutbags were actually able to become president of the most powerful country on the planet. That scares the outta me! Like Bu$yboy on steriods!

Stupid? yeah! A large fraction of the American public think El Snortbo and Fux Snooze are places to get good information!

I wouldn't move to the middle-east, but I've thought about leaving a few times, Canada, Europe, My wife is a citizen of the U.K. But I have very strong family ties right here and I'm not leaving them, so I guess I'll have to just stay right here and battle the stupidity!

Denis Navratil said...

Sean says he will "have to just stay right here and battle the stupidity!"

And I say good luck with your internal struggle Sean!

Sean Cranley said...

Duh tankyas very indeed fer yer kind sediments der ah . . . Denis!

I find it interesting, we know that Cons watch Fux Snooze and listen to El Snortbo and the rest, but they never seem to admit it. Why is that?

And that begs the next question. If this so called "Conservatism" is such a great set principles, values and ideas, why then is this vast and dishonest GOPropaganda network required? Can't it stand openly and honestly on it's own merits?

Where do you get your info from Denis?

Denis Navratil said...

Sean, I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and the RJT, I watch cable news, mostly Fox, some MSNBC (Chris Matthews) and some CNN. You can see the links on the right on this blog to see the blogs and news sites I read. And I read books. The person who has had the most profound effect on my thinking is Dr Thomas Sowell as I have mentioned a few times on this blog. Also mentioned before is an academic background immersed in liberalism, so I understand both sides of an argument.

The reason why people probably won't admit to you to watching Fox or listening to Rush is likely that they know it will set you off on a rant. So the next time you ask someone if they watch Fox, and they respond with an innocuous comment about the weather or the Packers or something, you will know why.

And lastly, conservatism can stand openly, honestly, and ready for scrutiny, and it does.

Sean Cranley said...

Sowell asks the typical leading Conquestion "Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny? Then goes on to compare Obama to Hitler. Another Con drinktank whackjob posing as a thoughtful academic!

I would agree that traditional conservatism can stand on it's own merits. But this Cult of Con Whacky Crap that's being peddled today needs a vast GOPropaganda network to instill the grand foundational myths in the indoctrinated and keep the lies du jour flowing in the Con Coolaid over the tonsils of the initiated.

The reason cons don't like to devulge that they consume Fux Snooze and El Snortbo is that they don't want to admit that they're willingly swilling the Con Coolaid, which they later burp forth. Heck even the WSJ is now under the far reaching control of that foreign corporatist Rupert the Murdoch!

Denis Navratil said...

Sean, by brushing off Dr Sowell and a lifetime of economic and other work with a vague criticism hardly reflects well on you. I know that you are not a conservative so it hardly surprises me that you might not agree with Dr Sowell's world view, but why do you need to do so by calling him a whackjob. I don't know of any serious national critic who would describe him so. Just wondering, are there any prominent conservatives with whom you could respectfully disagree?

Sean Cranley said...

I thought it was clear that I called him a whackjob because he used a headline to ask a typical leading Conquestion "Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny? Then went on to compare Obama to Hitler.

Btw, Fux Snooze uses this deceptive little rhetorical tactic on a regular basis, asking a leading question for which they have no evidence. But they and Dr. Sowell have plausible deniability because they didn't say The U.S. IS ON THE SLIPPERY SLOPE TO TYRANNY. They simply asked the question.

It's the necessity of tactics like that which discredits modern Con "thought".

I can respectfully disagree with David Brooks, George Will to name a couple. Hell I can respectfully agree with them as well at times and Pat Buchanon too for that matter.

I'd be willing to more at Mr. Sowell, but that Hitler thing is a bas sign especially for someone like Obama who has been fairly mainstream and not done anything close to radical. However, did a critique of one of his studies where totally ignored obvious and totally plausible atlternative (albeit Non-Con supporting) explanations. And that whole Milton Freidman Chicago School of economics? Pretty much discredited these days.