Monday, March 28, 2011

On Progressive Insularity

Over the years, I have on numerous occasions been rejected personally because of the views that I have, hold, explain and espouse. But I have no similar political litmus test for friendship. It seems to be a one way street, and the further to the left, the likelier one is to limit their potential friendships in this manner. It is these folks on the extreme left that don't simply think that conservatives are mistaken and can be won over with persuasive argument. Attempts at argument have not persuaded the conservative who has heard it all before and reached other conclusions. The liberal then concludes that the conservative is therefore evil in some or multiple ways. Never will they consider much less conclude that their own arguments are ineffective, simplistic or mistaken. It then follows that said conservative must be shunned, ridiculed, rejected, boycotted etc.... because they are evil.

The unfortunate result of this childishness is coarsened rhetoric and an insularity that explains why these folks never seem to think they are wrong or outside the mainstream. Heck, all their friends agree with them.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw some of that "childishness, coarsened rhetoric and insularity" as I pulled into the parking lot a few days ago for a wonderful Lincoln Day dinner attending with 200+ cheerful conservatives. The thugs with their stupid signs were on full parade. Couldn't hear what they were yelling because I had the window rolled up, figuring they'd be spitting at me. The women were the most shrill of the bunch, demonstrating meanacing glares and vulgar gestures through my side window as we "crossed" their picket. I'll bet their mothers are really proud of them! How sad.

Sean Cranley said...

There weren't any "thugs" there Ano. Except perhaps the teenager who ran up, stole a protesters sign and tore it up.

Denis, congratulations on obtaining and analyzing the lists of friends from everyone across the political spectrum to draw your well reasoned conclusions!

This is without doubt one the best and most insightful posts you ever published!

Denis Navratil said...

Sean, I was not attempting to analyze friendships across the political spectrum. I was sharing my own experiences and observations with progressives. People similar to you Sean. I was thinking about people such as you Sean who say that Republicans should be considered a-holes unless they prove otherwise to you. The proof I suspect would come in the form of rejecting their own views and accepting yours. Anyway, aside from sniping Sean, am I wrong? You think conservatives are a-holes Sean. Why not just acknowledge here what you have been saying repeatedly over at KBR?

And anon, I too was thinking of the protesters in Madison and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think we should have another get together. Really. Everyone is welcome. However, I wonder if Sean can be ignored in person as easily as his posts.

Anonymous said...

Sean, this is the first anon. For you to suggest there weren’t any thugs means you must have knocked yourself out with your own cowbell, and missed the action. Is it civil for you to be flipping off nice guys like me who are going out for a night with like-minded happy conservatives? Not to mention blocking the driveway (illegally) and shouting "shame, shame, shame" when I get out of my car? Sheesh! Your argument further rings hollow when one of your goons disrupts the party from inside. But we made lemonade out of your poison and gained $100 for auctioning off your contribution. Cheers!

BTW, taking a look at your blog is proof enough that you have long ago run out of steam. If you have to resort to name-calling our Governor, as well as any other Republican - then you've lost any high ground you claim to have. Call me anon, or maybe ABomb, for nuking your ridiculous rants. It happens when your gang refuses to be civil, because they are trying to protect the unsustainable. That Denis gives you as much platform that he does only means he is way more gracious than the rest of us.

Sean Cranley said...

Denis, you have no idea who my friends are. And your comments were definitely directed at progressives in general and by contrast to those with other political beliefs.

When I say Republicons are A-hole$ I'm refering to the party bosses, not the rank & file. There are vanishingly few GOP$ter big whigs that are not A-hole$, man are they A-hole$!. But I suppose you could probably provide examples of some who are not, and I don't mean old school Republicans, who for the most part were not. But most of the current batch? Radical A-hole$ all the way!

Thug –noun
1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

Talk about thin skinned Ano! Poor dear, poor dear Defintely no thugs there or any of these demonstration. I didn't flip anyone off. I was flipped off (big deal), but I don't consider that person a thug. Most of the people who didn't agree with did what I do and give the thumbs down sign.

Even the guy with the pink slip was not being thugish. Oh kudos to how you handled that, auctioning off the article. Well done!

Anonymous said...

anon 6:32, liberals who protest are "thugs", tea partiers and conservatives who protested health care reform are exercising their first amendment rights.


Anonymous said...

anon 7:55, tea partiers pick up after themselves and sing patriotic songs. We voluntarilly put up our political signs because we want to. Union thugs trash the Capitol, bully and force other people like local retailers to put up their signs, or they will boycott them. Your don't see the problem? Your "free excercise" imposes on us, like your unsustainable wages, medical benefits and pensions. Who are you to be lecturing the rest of us as to your so-called rights? Get a grip and join reality. And quit whining about your still lavish benefits, after you finally have to minimally kick-in for your plan.