Thursday, September 28, 2006

Falling in Line

"McReynolds, falling in line with most Republicans, continued to attack what he sees as unfair Wisconsin taxes that hamper job creation and burden residents."

This line was written by Paul Sloth, a new reporter for the Journal Times.

I wonder why it is necessary to add the words "falling in line with most Republicans." I think of soldiers and school children when I think of people who "fall in line." Both are taking orders from superiors. They are followers, not leaders. They don't think for themselves. If someone is "falling in line" on taxes, he probably is just following orders. He can't actually believe that low taxes would spur economic growth while helping residents. That would be silly. But he wants to get elected, so he must "fall in line" with the greedy Republicans.

I doubt that Paul Sloth meant any harm. I suspect he is just falling in line with his colleagues.

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Anonymous said...

Denis, this is is Scott. i hope you remember me. I've stumbled across your blog while surfing and made a previous post to your Get Whitey Tax and was hoping for your feedback on my post. Their was no response so i decided to copy and paste to this first post hoping you'd see it. I've found out amazingly interesting to have conversations with someone who thinks completely opposite of your own ideals, so i look forward to your response. Below was my post regarding the Whitey Tax...

Reading this post was truly scary in my opinion. And it showed me that this country's power brokers are fighting tooth and nail to keep this country as pale-skinned as humanly possible. Discrimination against whites? If that isnt' the most ludricus thing i've heard of in my natural life. White people, from a global perspective are overwhelmingly the minority in the world population, but yet run and control practicley everything that the world sees, hears, buys, builds, governs, plays, and much much more. The US is one of the youngest countries in the entire world, but yet the US is by far the most powerful. Non pale skinned US citizens have been discriminated against since Christopher Columbus "discovered America". These discriminated groups include american-indians, east-indians, chinese, japanese, mexican, african-americans, native africans, even the irish, and that's just to get the list started. White people are quickly becoming the minority in the US now, particularly with the exponentially growing hispanic population and it is evident that white people are fighting it every step of the way by doing what they have historically done, that is changing federal, state and local laws to maintain their power positions and minimize the opportunity for large numbers of people of color of advancing and competing with them for these power positions. With this said, I support the "tax whitey" initiative as Denis calls it, as it is an extremely small step in helping to get more faces of color amongst the population of US powerbrokers and decision-makers.