Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Public School Religion

I was talking to a public school teacher the other day. I suspect that she was not aware of my willingness to criticize public education. Anyway, the teacher was very nice, as most teachers seem to be, and obviously committed to helping her students. Her caring and concern for her students was quite sincere. Anyway, I was troubled by our conversation because she was intoducing her students to faith based spiritual guidance. For example, she was giving her troubled students a skull bead whan they made a positive choice, and she had taken her class to visit with noted spiritual leader Deepak Chopra.

Now I would not object to children being introduced to religious or spiritual education or guidance, provided that their parents are made aware of the instruction, and are given alternative choices for their children. But this is not what is happening in our public schools. Can you imagine the uproar if a public school teacher gave rosaries to students or shared with them the power of prayer? All hell would break loose, if you will pardon the pun. But the teaching of religion is OK in public schools, so long as the religion is not Christianity, and so long as the religious instruction aligns with the liberalism taught in our schools.


Wade said...

You are right on, but I cannot comment further or I will get so frustrated that my head will explode. I sent my phone # to your work e-mail, so ring me up when you get the chance.

wade said...

It will have to be 7:00 tomorrow.