Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Healines You Will Never Read at the Journal Times

I can't really blame the Journal Times for the front page story entitled "McReynolds dealings will be investigated." After all, an investigation into the business dealings of a state senate candidate is news. However, the JT has now run several articles concerning unsubstantiated claims against Bill McReynolds. I wonder if they will have five or so front page articles when McReynolds is cleared of the charges. The following are some suggested headlines.

1) Journal Times Duped by Partisan Hacks
2) McReynolds' Campaign Endures Irresponsible Journalism
3) Debatable: Is Journal Times a Newspaper or Political Organization?
4) Is John Lehman Responsible for Shameless Attacks?
5) JT Joins State Senate Race: Will Support Lehman, Attack McReynolds
6) Debatable: Is Truth Overrated?

I will gladly issue an apology to the Journal Times if McReynolds is found guilty of wrongdoing. Will the Journal Times apoligize to McReynolds if he is cleared of wrongdoing? Don't bet on it.

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