Monday, September 25, 2006

O'Donnellism at the Journal Times

It seems that Rosie O'Donnell is not the only voice out there intent on demonizing her political opponents. The Journal Times got into the act this morning with an editorial concerning a House of Representatives bill that would require voters to show a photo ID.

JT: For most of "us" the idea of having to show an ID in order to be able to vote is not a big deal.
We show IDs for all kinds of things every day and think little of it.
Of course most of "us" are white.

My take: The JT wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter. You are a racist if you think that photo IDs should be a voting requirement. Can the JT be more insulting to blacks? Does black mean retarded? Perhaps some condescending white people could step in and help the incompetent black people get a photo ID.

JT: Yes, they (Republicans) cloaked it in terms of fighting voter fraud.

My take: There is no way anyone could actually be concerned about voter fraud. Thus the Republicans are cloaking their actual goal, which is, of course, ensuring the misery of black people.

JT: Concern about voter fraud, according to state Rep. Pedro Colon, has been a red herring here in Wisconsin. Even an investigation led by a Republican U.S. attorney found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the wake of the 2004 presidential election. That probe turned up a handful of convicted felons who voted. They didn't know that they couldn't in most cases.

My take: This is the meat of the JT's argument. Note that it is largely irrelevant to the matter at hand. The bill that is being discussed is a federal bill, concerned with fraud throughout the U.S. Yet the JT wants to dismiss the federal bill because they claim that there has not been widespread fraud in Wisconsin.

JT: We urge the Senate to correct this shameful action.

My take: I urge the JT to present cogent, relevant arguments and to stop demonizing those with whom they disagree.


Kathy said...

Maybe this is a naive question, but...If the government will require photo IDs to be able to cast a vote, then shouldn't the government issue these IDs?

Denis Navratil said...

I suppose so. Why do you ask?

Kathy said...

Well, wouldn't this fall under the Patriot Act and serve as an aid in the War on Terror?

Kathy said...

Please forgive the above posts...I was trying to play Devil's advocate. I re-read this article this morning and I'm embarrassed to say that I somehow completely misread your article. I'm a Dork:) So sorry....:(

Denis Navratil said...

No problem Kathy. I was a bit puzzled as to where you were going with that.

wade said...

I had to comment on the JT blog about your support of the teachers. What happened to you used to be cool.