Sunday, September 10, 2006

McReynolds Update 2

I have been invited again to meet with Bill McReynolds, some time next week. My schedule has been cleared, and I look forward to our meeting.

It now seems apparent that McReynolds has not broken any laws, so I would not wish to dwell on that subject too much in our meeting. Rather, I am interested in learning how McReynolds approached an obvious conflict of interest situation when his private business sold bumpers to the public office that he presided over. Now I believe that being in a conflict of interest situation does not mean that one has acted improperly. Everyone involved in public service is potentially conflicted, as a persons private interests will not necessarily align with their public duties. I believe that it is important to understand how McReynolds has dealt with conflicts of interest situations.


Anonymous said...

When you meet with him, ask him about the two other companies he owned (or co-owned?) that also did business with Racine County Sheriff's Dept.

One was a company that sold fire extinguishers, another was a company that did the maintenance for them. both appeared to have done work for Racine County.

they are on his ethics reports the same as Force Engineering is, except this business venture stems from the early to mid 90's.

Curious to hear how those were above board as well.

Denis Navratil said...

Thanks anon, but I have already met with Bill. But he has stated a willingness to discuss any issues that come up. If you can provide any additional info, please do so. If you read my most recent post on the issue, you will see that I am not very comfortable with politicians selling products or services to government. That said, as a business person, I believe that a business, when conducted properly, has two winners. Both the producer and the customer are happy. This concept seems foriegn to many on the left (I am not accusing you anon)who believe that business is only about greed.