Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Parking Politics

Loyal reader Wade has taken me to task for siding with some public school teachers in their dispute with Racine Alderman Kaplan. So I will explain my position in detail.

It now appears as though Kaplans request for two hour parking on his street was initiated prior to his being elected alderman. As such, Kaplan seemingly enjoyed the same right as anyone else to petition his government. So I am not accusing Kaplan of abusing his power.

My objection is more with Kaplan's attitude that he should have a greater claim on public street parking than other members of the public. Thus I find objectionable his efforts to get the school principal to implore her staff to leave street parking spaces for Mr. Kaplan. I trace my own attitude on the subject to my days in Chicago, when after a large snow storm, people who dug out their cars would save "their" parking spaces by placing old furniture etc... in the vacated space. This kind of action implied an ownership of public streets, coupled with a threat of some harm to anyone who removed the barriers.

The bottom line for me Wade is that I find it disagreeable when people behave as though they own, or have greater rights to, something which is public. By the way, I am still cool.


Wade said...

Your right. I just wanted to give you a little grief and make fun of these school teachers. I get sick of public employees complaining about how bad they have it. Oh yeah lay off the profanity.

Greg said...

You are both cool.

Amish Furniture said...

That must be looking hilarious. Imagine the road strewn with old furniture and other paraphernalia for the purpose of booking your parking space.