Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Helping the Poor

There is a fellow over at RacinePost grousing that he didn't get a $5.6 million subsidy for his low income housing project. You can read more about it here: http://news.racinepost.com/2009/01/state-agency-down-on-racine-one.html

According to the article, the $9 million project would have included 4500 square feet of retail and 24 housing units. Even if they spent $1 million on the retail portion, that would mean each of the housing units would have cost $333,333 each. And that is considered low income housing?

The developer claims "his market study showed a need for large, nice housing units for low-income families."

Interesting. My market study shows that the poor need 80ft yachts, country club memberships and vacation homes in the Hamptons.

I realize that I am regularly criticized for just writing and/or complaining. I am ready to step up now and help the poor. I will provide for all their needs so long as the rest of you subsidize my efforts. Deal?

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Anonymous said...

Im poor. I want the 22' Ranger bass boat instead of 80' yacht. Log cabin in northern wis. Both are significantly cheaper allowing you to help more of us poor.

Thanks Dennis