Friday, January 16, 2009

Move On Racine

I don't wish to pile on here but Mayor Gary Becker should resign or be removed from office. If you read the entire complaint against the mayor, you will understand.

The mayor of a city is the public face of a city. Our public face would hereafter be met with snickering or disgust or even rage. How could we possibly move forward with this baggage? What would we attract to Racine if we become known as a pedophile tolerant city? Yes, the question does sort of answer itself.

This is no longer about Gary Becker. The issue now resides squarely with the city council. They should move now to remove Becker from office, not for retribution sake, but for the health of our community. Gary Becker will have his day in court as he should. But Racine needs to move on with new leadership.


Anonymous said...

Not a Racine resident, but right on.


Conscious Thought said...

Whole heartedly agreed. What's just as disturbing , if I'm not mistaken, is Chief kurt whalen had evidence of Becker's actions since 2007 and stood silent.

Anonymous said...

The Racine Post is reporting that the chief did not know about the 2007 photos until recently. The guy who fixed the computer in 2007 (I forgot his name) made a copy of the hard drive in 2007 and gave it to the chief recently.

Denis Navratil said...

Yes, the plot thickens. An IT guy fixed Beckers computer, told him that he should get the naked child pics off, makes a copy and sits on it for over a year. Isn't possession of child porn a crime an if so, why isn't city IT guy in trouble also?

Anonymous said...

I hope he is charged, Denis. How could he keep that to himself and actually warn the Mayor? He never once thought of the victims in those pictures. Disgusting behavior by the IT guy...if you ask me. It sure does show you how tight the "boys" are in Racine (city and county).