Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Racine Unified Budget Info

Racine Unified has a projected spending budget of just under $260 million for the 08-09 school year. That amounts to roughly $12,380 per each of the 21,000 or so students. This information can be obtained by securing a copy of the budget or by reading this blog. It can't be obtained by listening/reading the false statements of Unified's chief financial officer quoted at the Racine Post: http://news.racinepost.com/2009/01/tough-budget-times-ahead-for-racine.html

I will be looking into the budget a bit more in the coming days, but for now just realize that the CFO at Racine Unified misunderestimated the budget by about $50 million. That kind of thing could have gotten him in trouble if he worked at, say, Enron.


Anonymous said...

The DPI website has many tables slicing & dicing school district revenue & expenditures. Racine stacks up very favorably in all the permutations.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, they can spend money as well as the best districts in the state.

What they can't do is actually use those expenditures to educate students as well as other districts.