Thursday, January 08, 2009

On Middle East Peace

Dr. Kenneth Yorgan, chairman of the Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice, has a commentary in today's Journal Times entitled "It's time for Israel to make a real commitment to peace."

How does Israel achieve peace with an armed enemy acting on their plainly stated goal of ending Israel's existence?

A prerequisite for peace, it seems to me, would be an acknowledgement that Israel and Jews have a right to live. And unless that acknowledgement is forthcoming from Israel's enemies, peace is obviously not possible.

Why is this not obvious to Dr. Yorgan and the members of the Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice?


Becky said...

Hi Denis,
Good question. The premise you suggest is founded on a rational mindset, of which the condition of hatred has not one iota. Passionate hatred is what is lying underneath the statements. On top of the hatred is a layer of half-truths, gobbledygook mixed in with the sins of coveting and greed. It's as old as time. It would appear the the anti-semetic pendulum is swinging back and becoming fashionable once again. Denis, I challenge you or any of your readers to find any articles in any source other than National Review, and those publications of that ilk, that support Israel. There is no balance. God Bless

Denis Navratil said...

Becky, thanks for your comments. I agree that the mainstream media, under the guise of fairness, has ignored the obvious impediment to peace, that is, one side does not want peace. But there are news sources out there if you are willing to look for them. The Wall Street Journal editorial page is excellent and is very good as well. I have links to both. Check them out.

Becky said...

How funny, we go to the same "places" on the web!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you can be critical of the manner in which Israel was created in the 1940's without being anti-semetic.

You also can be critical of some of the Israeli policies and practices over the years, just as you can be critical of Palestinian and Arab practices during the same period.

The rub is still the manner in which Israel was created, and the timeframe - there are still quite a few Palestinians who remember their homes that were either destroyed or taken (or were told about them by their parents).

If some group descended on Racine and either kicked us out or scared us all out of our homes and then moved in - I'd be pissed and that memory would last a while. (Seems to me I recall hearing that's what the British did to the Irish)

colt said...

Anon 7:55 Please read your history and get the facts right.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

go ahead and elaborate Colt