Monday, January 05, 2009

On Second Thought

Regarding the fairness of the JT, during the last 10 days or so I have seen the following photos on the front page: a bloody Palestinian reaching out from a pile of rubble, Israeli soldiers firing guns, A Palestinian woman holding up a red (signifying blood) hand in protest of Israel's military actions, an Israeli tank near the border of the Gaza strip, a crater and severely damaged buildings resulting from an Israeli bomb, a Palistinian man crying while holding the body of one of his children, and finally, today a young Palestinian girl crying because, according to the caption, a relative had been killed during an Israeli air strike.

The message being sent via these heartbreaking pictures is unrelenting Israeli aggression and loss of innocent Palestinian life. The message is a lie.


Pete said...

>>The message being sent via these heartbreaking pictures is unrelenting Israeli aggression and loss of innocent Palestinian life. The message is a lie.

What's the lie? This is what's happening in Gaza. A trained army is attacking, and civilians are being killed. There may be some justification for an attack on Hamas, but that's the reality right now.

Anonymous said...

The terrorists deliberately attack civilians from civilian areas in which they store their weapons, knowing that they can scream when those civilian areas are "attacked". And yes, a "trained" army is going after bloodthirsty "amateurs". So Israel should only attack "in kind" if at all? Should Israelis deliberately attack civilians from civilan areas while hiding among civilians? I'll bet the U.N. would have something to say about that.

Here is a question Pete - does anyone in Gaza who voted for Hamas really have the right to hold up a bloody child and blame someone else?

Denis Navratil said...

Pete, I think the following narrative is closer to the truth:

Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip and forcibly removed some of their own people from the area. Hamas was voted into power. Hamas has a clearly stated goal of eliminating Israel that they have repeatedly acted upon in the form of rocket attacks. Israel is doing what any sane country would do, that is, stop the people/government responsible for the attacks.

I don't think the photos of Palestinians holding dead babies is telling the true story. Do you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Get a grip on yourself.

Hamas has never been the aggressor right?



smallgovsam said...

Although I too found the mainstream media’s reporting biased, I didn’t, however, miss an opportunity to be didactic.

I spoke to our friend Eric (he commented on the union post a few days back) about the photo of the Palestinian girl crying. Now, he is a socialist who believes that businesses “exploit” their workers, free trade only favors multinational corporations seeking “cheap labor,” etc.

I pointed to the small logo on the lamenting girl’s jacket. “What’s that?” I asked. It was the symbol for Adidas Sportswear. I then asked without that multinational corporation would that girl be without her jacket, or at least have to substitute more expensive attire? I pushed him further, asking which of the multinational corporations launched the air strike that killed her relative. Was it Halliburton? McDonald’s? Wal-Mart? Or do corporations try their best to help us with our needs, while keeping profit in mind? How does a company that employs millions of people and provide items to millions of others be perceived as worse than organizations specifically designed to kill others?

Say what you want about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but realize that whichever one you believe is the aggressor, it’s a government to blame. It boggles my mind how people retain the notion that big business causes most of the problems in the world.

colt said...

I do hope you you can take the time and read the Arab press about Hamas statements about Israel. What Hamas has done to those Hamas sees as being opposed to them.
See the Video often live from the fighting.
Some how I do not think you will.
Stay at home feel bad about a group of thugs who have this coming.

Anonymous said...

If your "army" is a bunch of wussy terrorists who hide behind women's skirts and kindergarten walls to launch missiles at civilians, then the Israelis are perfectly within their rights to attack. It is Israel who is bringing about the death of civilians, Pete; It is the terrorists who hide behind those civilians.

Fortunately, thanks to Israel, there are a lot fewer of them now than there were a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say "It is NOT Israel bringing about the death of those civilians"