Thursday, February 05, 2009

Election Politics

A month or so ago, nearly everyone in Racine's government appeared to favor a proposed multi-unit apartment complex in West Racine. Fastforward a month and the whole proposal is shot down without a single vote in favor of the project.

There was significant vocal opposition to the project and this no doubt was a factor. But I have lived here long enough to know that politicians are quite adept at ignoring the concerns of their constituents..... except come election time.

Yes, I suspect the upcoming mayoral election had a silent but powerful effect on the vote to shelve this project. Nobody running for mayor wants to tick off and energize large numbers of folks in West Racine. But remember folks, some (or most or all?) of the pols now running for mayor were behind this project just a month ago. If this was such a good idea for Racine then, why isn't it a good idea now?


Colt said...

Without West Racine Helding Maack or Spaglerburg (sp sorry) can not win.
Helding and Maack will be tied to Becker so they can not win AND when will Helding return the money he got from Becker?

The true story here is that West Racine has shown us all that the public does not have to take the BS from City Hall or RCEDC any more.
We run this city not the Becker good old boys

Urban Pioneer said...

Great points Colt, It's a perfect opportunity to bring in an outsider to watch the trough, and make sure we don't spend anymore than essential in the next 2 years.