Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Partner Wanted

I know a married woman who was listed as "partner" of a gay man. This allowed said woman to fly for free around the country, as her "partner" worked for an airline that extended certain benifits to domestic partners.

Governor Doyle is proposing a new domestic partner classification that would, among other things, provide health care coverage for partners. "This isn't an issue of being gay or straight - we are not judging people's lives here" Governor Doyle said.

Very well then. I am glad Governor Doyle won't be judgemental. Though I am already married, I wouldn't mind having a partner, provided he or she is an employee of the state. People form all sorts of partnerships for all kinds of reasons- who are we to judge?- and I would like a partner who can provide my family medical care.

Won't you be my partner?


Nemo said...

Does anyone know how "Diamond Jim" Doyle is going to get around that pesky Wisconsin Constitutional amendment, passed just a few years ago, that specifically bans such a domestic partner classification?

Anonymous said...

As usual you are being ridiculous. The domestic partner program initiated by the Governor will be watched every bit as closely as the State child care program -

Soapbox Jill said...

Why not give benefits to unmarried het couples (or do they already?) How about a person and their dog? After all, how dare anyone judge the importance of other people's relationships. All relationships are "equal." So, every kind of couple should get the bucks and bennies from the public coffers, or else it's just not faaair..

Anonymous said...

As Dr. Ruth used to say "if you and your partner think it's normal, then it's normal". My cats ain't talkin' -