Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thought of the Day

Who would have thought that buying a dog would require more deliberation than saving the U.S. economy?


Anonymous said...

Whatever...W E

Anonymous said...

I hate the mainstream media.


Urban Pioneer said...

Not only did the Obama's spend more time selecting a Dog. As ugly as it is..It's still not as ugly as the legislation, they passed last week and planned for next week!!

BTW have u noticed Obama is always late for speeches and press conferences? Shades of Clinton...Maybe he has an intern already "delivering Pizza's"!

Nemo said...

The Barry saving the U.S. economy? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well, its all about what's important to his own self-interest! Apparently, Canine decisionmaking trumps "earmarks"!

Anonymous said...

Read on this; posted by a Wall Street floor trader; and take responsibility:
Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Big Grab, Part I: First they came for the play money. Now it’s down to life and death.

Among acolytes sharing the former Fed chairman's disdain for the masses is one who posted the following comment on a Huffington Post blog last October, calling himself "Plutotoo":"...

(W)hat happened to the money supply...from 2003 to 2006 is so self-evident ... that I find it shocking that it need be explained at all. Everyone in the investment world is well aware of how this worked (and we all made a huge amount of money directly from the rate-cut rape of Americans' savings and assets -- not to mention pushing the real estate bubble, i.e. flipping new homes).

"Briefly, what happened was that, by 2002, as the economy was failing, we desperately needed all Americans to take the money out of their savings accounts and home equity and spend it ... We accomplished this by making them feel rich by slashing interest rates -- as Bonddad explains above. It worked great for nearly four years.

"Then, sadly, Americans spent all the money they had ... They've also maxed out their credit and their FICO scores stink -- so they're worse that useless. They are a drain on the economy.

"When Bush politicians go on TV and mention tax cuts as the reason for the boost in retail spending (aka the economy) those of us down on the trading floor just roll our eyes. Yeah. Right. It doesn't matter to us, though. We took the American people's savings and invested it for ourselves -- in Halliburton (in Dubai) and in foreign currencies held offshore. AND we hardly had to pay any taxes at all on our enormous profits (thank you. Mr. President!).

"All's well that ends well -- at least for the Plutocrats."