Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honest Debate?

More than once I have heard President Obama describe the stimulus debate as a choice between his plan and doing nothing. BO's presentation of the stimulus question is disingenuous.

As I see it, there are three options. There is BO's plan or some modified version of it which involves massive government spending. And then there is doing nothing. And finally, government could slash taxes and entrust taxpayers to lead the economic recovery.

Now my point on this thread is not to debate the merits of the three options but rather to point out that our president is pretending that there are only two and hoping that you won't notice. He is attempting to create a straw-man Republican that wants to do nothing. We deserve a more straightforward and honest argument from our president.


Urban Pioneer said...

Denis Don't u realize the Politics of the past is over...BO said so. The New Politics is I'm Gonna scream the Worlds On Fire and I'm gonna dump Water and Gasoline on the fire all at once, and if you think that isn't the solution you just want the world to burn up!! It's like the OZONE Scare plus the Allar Apple Scare, AIDS, And Global Warming "CRISIS" all rolled into one cataclysmic event!

And after his lackluster Econ 101 Class last night where he talked down to us like so many children, and Wall Street this morning once again showed it's opinion and lack of Faith.
Pres BO speaks of the Job Losses, half of them have been since he won the Presidency, OVER half!! (Sounds like Business have very little faith in him), And almost all of the Job Losses have come since BO took the Lead in the polls in October.
So lets' review shall we...?
For nearly 6 years the economy hummed along pretty well. Unemployemnet was 4% Growth was 2-8% per Quarter, Exports were up...the market hit 14k, Productivity was increasing as were wages. Then The Dem's took control of the House and Senate..
They proceeded to raise the Minimum Wage...Under cut the President on the War effort, Investigated Baseball, Ignored Freddie and Fannie, unil it was too late, and then hit us with a $700 Billion Rescue Plan, which was misappropriated in so many ways, (Because Dems didn't put any controls on the Money, just Carte Blanche to Hank Paulson). And now those Same Dems and their Economic Professor Pres. Obama Who has never created a job or run even a small business..is gonna fix us?? Oh and that's all Bush fault?? ROTFLMAO!!!

Oh and how do we measure if he "SAVES" or CREATES 4 Million Jobs??? He already "Lost" nearly 4 million since he was elected!
If I don't fire an employee because the "Majic" somehow happens should I call the Pres and tell him??

Nemo said...

The informal fallacy of false dilemma involves a situation in which only two alternatives are considered, when in fact there are other options. The best solutions to the false dilemma are always the options not presented.

UP, right on! I've asked many a Liberal how the last two years are better than the previous 6. The replies I get involve confusion and pejoratives. And the "F" word. Especially the "F" word.

colt said...

It's the Son of God how can he be wrong?

Good Neighbor said...

Hank Paulson, Treasury Secretary Bush Administration - Republican, authored and insisted on immediate passage of the $700B recovery plan which Congressman Paul Ryan Republican supported.

President Obama has been in office less than 3 weeks, Democrats have controlled Congress for only 2 years (and have never had a filibuster-proof Senate). Urban Pioneer's preferences are clear, but seems shakey on the facts to put it kindly.

Dennis, you're right, the Prez has talked around the contents of the "stimulus" package. He's trying to get enough Senate Republicans without alienating too many House Democrats - those are the working realities of the last election. The tax-cut only stimulus option was proposed as an amendment in the Senate and was voted down. So in real political terms there are currently only two options.

Anonymous said...

Let those that ruined the world fix it...the Dems should not have to fix what Navratil and like folks did to the world.

Urban Pioneer said...

Hey Good Neighbor, I agree that "Credit Crisis is on Fire" was bad legislation, poorly thought out, Handed to Paulsen with no real restrictions...While Bush Signed it Passed with mostly Dem Votes, If the Dem's didn't want it they didn't have to bring it to a vote in Either House. I didn't support that, nor did I support the Auto Bail-out, and I'm consistent in that I don't support this "Worlds on Fire" Fix. Now if you want congress to spend 1 Billion dollars with out hardly reviewing a bill, not such a big deal, But a TRILLION!! And it's not like it's extra change in the Sofa.

No review as promised by the Pres. , a one week publication on the Net, as promised by Pres. Obama. Nope this is the biggest thing he will do and no one knows what's in it!!! That's "On Fire" Legislation.
In a few weeks a bunch of Lefties will be screaming about the "Abuse" of the mis-appropriation of Wall-paper or Trash cans in someones office building. This should Stop!!! How could we have been duped, by these Greedy so and so's??
I'm Glad that Conservatives won the day in the House.
Not one Republican voted in Favor of this Obomination.