Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Say No

The city of Racine wants some of that stimulus money. Top on the wish list is a new $36 million library to be located on Racine's west side.

I hope we don't get a dime from the federal government. It is not that the cash couldn't come in handy, but in the hands of our elected officials, they will obviously just make things worse.

A new library is a perfect example. For starters, we don't need one. We have a beautiful library already. I go there with some regularity and it is never crowded. Usually there are no more than a few people looking at books. Certainly the computers are almost always in use, but addressing this problem could be easily accomplished by renting some of the abundant available retail space and buying 40 new computers. There, I just saved the federal government $35 million.

OK, so they build a sparkling new library using overpaid union labor as required by law. After overpaying for labor, we will then have to hire a slew of union librarians that we don't need. And we will be paying for their health care and pensions for the next fifty years.

If our local officials are going to use federal money just to expand the government, as the wish list suggests, then we will be better off without it. No thanks President Obama.


Anonymous said...

I love the "70,000 jobs" story. We will be creating those jobs and/or keeping them, the latter being even more impossible to measure than the former. Of course, a great number of those 70,000 jobs created that CAN be measured will be in government, creating long-term committments that will add to the problem. Many of THOSE jobs will be to oversee and administer the "stimulus" cash. Can someone give me a bunch of money to become an economic visionary/hero by giving it away?

Urban Pioneer said...

This reminds so much of the Peronistas of Argentina. Remember how they taxed the hell out of the Bourgeois and upper Class, and then Eva Perone would go around "Giving" things to People. Like a lottery girl!! Of course much of the fund was sent to Swiss banks, and the rest was used to reward

Do you suppose in a few months we will see Michele picking a family to "award" or Help with Stimulus benefits..

Anonymous said...

Reality has reality passed you by.

Can't you ever realize that the masters of monopoly capitalism rule the world?

Look around; see any nations going bankrupt because of financiers making a 'killing'.

Wake are way too late for the truth already.

Denis Navratil said...

anon 2:50, if what you are experiencing is reality, I say no thanks to that also.

Anonymous said...

Yours is ideology...if you know the distinction.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, couldn't agree more.