Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Journal Times Exceeds Expectations

Unified taking less from taxpayers than expected is the headline in the Racine Journal Times that might as well have been written by the RUSD public relations department. Then again, perhaps it was.

I am noticing a trend. When Unified wants, say $10 million extra dollars, to "educate" the same number of students, but receives only $5 million, it is a budget cut. When they "expect" to raise taxes by, say $10%, but only raise by 6%, they would like us to believe there has been a tax cut. And the Journal Times is usually right there helping promote the dishonesty.

Next, when they expect student achievement to decline by 10%, but only does by 5%, we can rejoice in the gains made by our students.

The Journal Times should be embarrassed to print such a headline as it demonstrates once again their willingness to carry water for Racine Unified.

I have come to expect bias from the Journal Times. And sometimes, they even exceed my expectations.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100%.
The headline should have read, "RUSD taking more than last year."

GearHead said...

So instead of screwing us royally, we are being screwed only slightly less than royally? Whew! And stop conning us that because home values decreased, magic dust (cocaine, I believe) will keep my taxes from increasing.

It isn't the mill rate. It's the LEVY, stupid! Even those of us who aren't math majors understand that a bigger tax pie divided among the same number of people from year to year will still be a bigger piece, regardless of what size knife you use.

Denis Navratil said...

They can't use the "tax rate decrease" anymore because of declining home values so it appears they have adopted a new tactic with the JT as the faithful enabler.

And anon, I was expecting 110%. I am disappointed.