Sunday, October 16, 2011

Searching for Mrs. Right

Like all conservatives, I am drawn to Herman Cain because he proves I'm not a racist, and he will get my full support unless we find a black, disabled, Muslim, lesbian, public-school-teaching conservative willing to run for president.

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GearHead said...

Ahhh, he proves nothing of the sort, notwithstanding the sublime irony he is darker then the guy we have now.

You see, he was never "down for the struggle" which means he ain't "authentic." That he would speak truthfully about the minority community means he is racist by default, regardless of skin color. So you and I are still racist by extention. Or so the lefty crowd will tell us. I know, bringing up the absurdity of their argument is like shooting fish in a barrel. Sheesh!

MLK must be rolling in his grave seeing how his vision has been corrupted by those who shamelessly cloak themselves in his name, and continue to profit from the poverty industry. You and I can only shake our heads from the sidelines. Sorry.