Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Untimely Excuse

That Racine's 14th annual Racine Unified analysis has revealed 14 consecutive years of educational failure should surprise exactly nobody.

Nor I suppose should we be surprised by the reasons offered by the experts. Especially comical is the explanation offered by Racine Educational Association president Pete Knotek, who cited "the elimination of collective bargaining" as "an external factor that hinders our program."

How exactly has a 2011 law that affected not a single union contract at Unified somehow managed to cause 14 years of educational futility? I wonder which 2025 legislative actions are the cause of this years dismal performance?

I guess it would be too much to consider the possibility that the single most potent force in public education, that being the union, could impact education quality.

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GearHead said...

How lucky we are to be enlightened from the "experts" - like the expert union thug REA prez. So it's Walkers fault our kids aren't learning? Has he stormed into the classrooms and taken their books (oops, IPads) away? What does collective bargaining have to do with failing kids? Nice bit of finger pointing.

At what point do we point the finger at the single greatest negative impact on WI schools, the teachers unions? Since they have written the work rules (like the inmates running the asylum) for the last couple decades, they are the most culpable. Nicely paid, too, for screwing up a generation or two of kids. Where do we return the defective merchandise?