Saturday, October 22, 2011

Think Danny Think

The following letter appears in the Journal Times:

Who am I? I am a patriotic Christian. To some that would make me a Republican.
I feel our country can’t solve the words problems through war. That would make me a Democrat. I feel our elderly should not be taxed out of their homes, and have to decide wether to eat, or buy prescription drugs. That would make me a Democrat.
I feel our tax system is too complex and our government to big. That would make me Republican. I do not feel our teachers, police and firefighters are overpaid. That would make me a Democrat.
I don’t see a candidate for president who feels as I do. Who am I ? By Danny Fugate.

Hmmmm. Well, for starters Danny, you are confused, but I think, no wait, I feel you know that already. That would make you a Democrat, or worse, an OWSer. You use "feel" four times and "think" not at all. That would make you a Democrat. You are right that you can't solve word problems through war. Try a dictionary or a thesaurus. I feel this also makes you a Democrat.

But all is not lost Danny. You "feel our tax system is too complex and our government to (sic) big." Nothing wrong with feelings, but they can impair your thinking. Feelings without thought can lead you to conclude that people shouldn't have to make difficult choices. But difficult choices are exactly what await this country. And neither your feelings nor mine will change that fact. Think about it Danny.


GearHead said...

"Feelings, nothing more than feelings...." so goes the old song. You must hate kids. Danny is a little kids name, isn't it? So being mean to Danny will hurt his feelings, and they are already mixed up. "... our elderly should not be taxed out of their homes" is definitely a Republican sentiment, not Dem as stated.

But that's what happens when the city grants wage and benefit increases to muni workers that it can't pay for. My feelings get hurt every time the mayor, RUSD or Gateway tell us they are getting screwed over by an unfeeling Walker. I know Scott Walker, and Dickert ain't no Walker. And yep, I feel pretty strongly against getting screwed because the mayor sold out to the unions. I wonder how Danny feels about that?

Sean Cranley said...

Yeah, cuz you guys do such a great job of thinking for yourselves and presenting reasoned arguments to support your positions. One need only glance above at the disoriented thashing about offered by GH. Sheesh!