Monday, October 10, 2011

Remedial Lesbian Indoctrination 101

The JT has a story, here, concerning a teacher who claims that she has been discriminated against because she is a lesbian. I am going to take the unusual position of siding with Unified on this one based on the contents of the article.

The claims themselves seem rather minor and are in any case disputed by Unified. A student who allegedly threatened the teacher was allowed to stay in her classroom but when a heterosexual teacher complained something was done. The lesbian was punished for being late for work while the heterosexual teachers saw no consequences. Yet, concerning these complaints, there appears to be no evidence that the different responses where because of her sexual orientation. Maybe it is because she is blonde.

An attempt was made to resolve the differences with the help of a state mediator. One of the terms not agreed to by the teacher was a requirement to "refrain from making any references to your personal sexual orientation to students." According to the teacher, the request itself is discriminatory because they would never ask that of a straight person.

Perhaps not, however... the teacher went on to stress the importance of discussing her sexual orientation when students inquire. "I had kids that came out and were kicked out of their houses and they need to know that, one, somebody related; and, two, that somebody wasn't going to be judgmental and they were just going to help them find a safe place." and I also had quite a few kids that struggled with suicide issues and depression and family acceptance."

Perhaps now is the time to mention that the teacher in question is a middle school remedial reading teacher.

I have no way of knowing whether said teacher is offering sound advice to confused middle schoolers or is grooming them and/or pursuing a political agenda. Regarding the grooming comment, I suppose that could upset some readers, so I will put it to you this way: would you want your presumably heterosexual fifth grade daughter talking about her sexual thoughts with the 45 year old male math teacher or would you alert the authorities? Anyway, it is not her job to deal with this stuff so she should be stopped. Maybe if she did her job instead of talking about lesbian stuff the kids could read at grade level.


Anonymous said...

So what does lesbianism have to do with teaching? I'm a Republican. If I were a teacher and let my Republican freak flag fly in class, I'm pretty sure Unified would act at lightning speed to straighten me out. "Shut up" is what they'd say, and if I didn't would suffer the concequences. This said as my eyes roll knowing kids get propagandized by liberal teachers, including lesbians, on a daily basis.

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