Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Protest U?

The JT has an article today about the Original Root Zen Center's Peace School for four to eight year olds. While sitting in a circle, the "children clap and drum while repeating peace phrases, or mantras, such as 'Sharing toys, Sharing books, Sharing hearts.'"

Everything you need for a life of protest you can learn in kindergarten.


Downtown Brown said...

Wow they moved Socialism 101 up to a Kindergarten level!

Sean Cranley said...

Children and music and toys and peace and books and hearts and sharing? I'm aghast!

Where will they find the time to inculcate them with disdain for their thugish teachers?

GearHead said...

So when they grow up they can take over the Capitol, sit in a circle, clap and drum while repeating obnoxious phrases like "hey hey, ho ho, Walkers got to go." I always did think that was boorish and childish; this confirms it. Start them early; their thuggish teachers are excellent role models for such indoctrination.

Denis Navratil said...

Didn't I hear them chanting "sharing tents, sharing lice, sharing body fluids" at OWS?

GearHead said...

Why is it every OWS picture I see depicts what looks like a refugee camp? Is this what democracy looks like? Our future? Guess so with the Pee Party. I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

Muskego School accepts grant to teach first graders to be "activists".

Ms. Burmesch and a team of colleagues will develop a critical literacy inquiry based unit of study to help their first and second grade students understand the role that power plays in their lives. The teachers will learn how visual literacy and technology, particularly website and podcast development, can be used by students to create activist messages that make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others. The students will create their messages around issues important to their lives.