Sunday, October 30, 2011

Undocumented Americans

We have all heard of the plight of the hard working undocumented Mexicans in our midst. But little to no attention is given to the problem faced by undocumented Americans. This is their story.

Most Americans just assume freedom is a birthright. That is what Jim (last name withheld) thought. And then his freedoms were systematically denied by, get this, his own government.

Jim was literally put in a cage for years. But Jim was not to be denied his freedom. He is free now, albeit without the proper government documents. And his plight continues.

Jim is literally being hunted by armed government officials. Sometimes Jim wishes he had it as easy as the Mexicans. He would gladly pay full tuition to a university if the government would just call off the dogs - yes, they actually do chase him with dogs.

Jim just wants the freedoms that the rest of us take for granted. If ours was a just society, we would call him a freedom fighter. But no, Jim is ridiculed. They call him insensitive and stigmatizing slurs like "fugitive" or "jailbreaker."

Shame on America!

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Sean Cranley said...

A thriller, nice opening hook! When are you going to write the rest of the novel?