Thursday, October 30, 2008

Building Bridges

Sometimes all this disagreement and division can get downright discouraging. For example, Michael Gibson thinks the RUSD/Voces get out the vote effort is non partisan while I think the purpose is to increase voter turnout among Democrats. But this post is not about our differences. This post is about building bridges.

Michael, I am about to start a new business and I want you and your schoolmates to join in the fun and excitement. You probably didn't know this about me but I have a side business that is really starting to take off and I need your help. And that business is bridges. Not just any bridges mind you. These are 100% renewable, organic, sustainable bridges made from hemp. Hemp has other potential uses as well Michael but let's not burn these bridges. Also these bridges are pedestrian-only so they are great for the environment and they encourage exercise!

All I need from you and your friends is some capital. Sorry to use that dirty word. We all know bridges should be free. Aside from capital all I will need is your enthusiasm and an unquestioning devotion to my vision. Let us unite behind a common vision for the common good. Cash is preferred or you can write a check to Bridges To Everywhere LLC.

I will need the cash soon though Michael. To get this business rolling, er started, I need make a big upfront hemp purchase. Sincerely,



Anonymous said...

replace the word "bridges" with "iraq" and you have the same urgent pitch to "capture the thousands of weapons of mass destruction"!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome dude! Major spluge on those Republicans. Like totally awesome!!

To the adults out there, we doo all recognize that every single major intelligence gathering organization on the planet agreed that Iraq had WMD. It is the wonderful revisionists who see it all so clearly now how it was then.

Anonymous said...

but we couldn't even find one. Strange.