Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Racine Redevelopment Renamed

What do facade grants, artist relocation efforts, the Unfied Neighborhood Inspection Team and a fresh coat of paint on a crack ridden tennis court have in common?

Answer: They are all a part of Racine's "Lipstick on a Pig" redevelopment strategy.


Anonymous said...

After today's story in the Wisconsin State Journal about a new neighborhood that suddenly has an inordinate number of police calls, someone posted this. They could be talking about Racine:

Follow the standard Madison Progressive formula for success:

1. Make your city as inviting as possible for the lowest elements of society.

2. Watch while police, social services, schools, basic city services and entire neighborhoods are overwhelmed with problems.

3. Announce a redevelopment program that will basically move the problems elsewhere in the city, destroying a new neighborhood.

4. Blame George Bush

5. Adjourn for a scone and latte.

colt said...

Obama will heal us with higher taxes and giving up on the War on Terror!

Anonymous said...

or he'll dump all of his resources on a fail-safe sci-fi film festival that will save an entire city and the 2 people who support it!

Anonymous said...

. . . but you would be praising Colt if he were to coordinate - at taxpayers' expense of course - a series of seminars in Racine to teach girls how to live off welfare for the rest of their lives after getting pregnant for the first time at age twelve . . .