Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Constitution?

I addressed the city council the other day. I told them that when the city fines its residents and calls it a fee, thereby depriving citizens of the right to contest the charges in court, the city is violating the constitution.

Now I am not the first person to make this claim. But the city council members have done nothing. None have disputed the claims. All have ignored the claims to the best of my knowledge.

This suggests to me that all of our elected city representatives and our mayor are entirely comfortable violating the rights of Racine citizens and ignoring the constitution.

Does anyone care and if so, what to do?


colt said...

The City does not care because for just like the sewer "fee" it is money
Racine needs every $ for Uptown art projects and playgrounds. Without asking if the City is not safe who will use them?
(Where are The Cameras that the RPD said was coming to West 6th st)

The anwser as I have said time and time again is to RECALL one of the taxing pigs on the council myself I think Mayor Gary " Lets go to Mexico" Becker would be the easiest target. However Colt can not do this alone, so the choises are:
A) Action
B) Sit and bitch

My guess like so much other actions that need to be done siting and bitching will be what we choose to do

Denis Navratil said...

Well Colt, sitting and bitching is a place to start. If nothing else, it applies a modicum of pressure on our pols. I am not sure a recall of Becker is the answer, at least not now, because it is highly unlikely that this issue (or missing cameras) is enough to get people riled enough for a recall to succeed. Rather, I think more people need to register their displeasure with the mayor and city council members. If they still do nothing, then other more serious measures, like a recall, may be neccessary. I don't want to let our constitution get trashed without a fight.

colt said...

We do what we do. A recall may not work sure would hurt the efforts of another Becker term and those who back him.
So perhaps we should call a meeting to see how folks feel? If we get a crowd then we can take the next steps if no one show then that said something too

Caledonication said...


we could riot like they do in LA.


Anonymous said...

"we could riot like they do in LA"

Caledonication - what, you want a new plasma TV too? I was hoping for a riot near the Cadillac dealership so I can get one of those Escalades.

Anonymous said...

you guys have way too much idle time on your hands. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Yes we have some idle time - that is when we're not working so that we can continue to have our "wealth" spread around to those of you who are in the multiple baby business and don't work. Maybe you and Obama will soon be able to control our idle time too - oh wait, that's in the works with the "Fairness Doctrine" Obama will sign in his first week.

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone care and if so, what to do?"
Vote more than once.
Go to your regular voting place and vote. Then go to some other polling location and vote again.