Friday, October 10, 2008

Constitution Vandalized

About ten days ago, I noticed that my building was tagged with gang graffiti. So I went to the paint store to buy some spray paint with which to cover the graffiti. It was much to windy that day and the next to apply the spray paint. Then I went out of town for business.

Meanwhile, I received a notice from the city concerning the vandalism and today another notice that we have not addressed the problem (we have), coupled with the news that we will be sent a bill of $50 for an inspection fee.

Of course this is not actually a fee, it is a fine pretending to be a fee. The reason to call it a fee is to avoid the sticky problem of people contesting their fines in court and the expenses associated with said contests. You know, denying people their constitutional right to defend themselves in court.

I think the vandalism by our city officials is worse than the gang vandalism. At least I can spray over the grafitti.


Caledonication said...
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Caledonication said...

Makes perfect sense to me. As a victim, the fault should be placed squarely on your shoulders.

Your store is just sitting there, simply begging to be vandalized.

Shame on you.

McPain said...

That building is the constitution?

And you want the rest of us taxpayers to cover the the cost the city incurs trying to get you to take care of it?

You sound like socialist.

Take 2 aspirin and reread you Ayn Rand slacker.

mpain said...


Anonymous said...

I assume mcpain is joking or I would argue that he/she has the spelling and grammatical skills of Colt but without the brain.

Denis Navratil said...

I don't know why I bother responding to your rude post Mcpain but perhaps someone else will derive some benifit from my answer.

No mc, the building is the building and the constitution is the constitution. The city policy of renaming a fine a fee deprives me and other city residents of our right to defend ourselves against the charges. I thought this was perfectly clear but I have to keep in mind that there are some leftists who read this blog also. I will type more slowly for you.

And yes mc, I am a socialist when it comes to law enforcement and the courts. I think having multiple overlapping police forces, private courts etc... would only produce chaos.

Now if you could put aside your animosity towards me, you would surely agree that the expectation that government respect the restraints placed upon them by our constitution is a good thing. Or perhaps you would want to live in a country where laws and words are meaningless. I could recommend a few for you if you like. North Korea is nice this time of year.

Come to think of it, the left does want to live without the constraints of the constitution. They want to reshape the constitution through creative reinterpretation of the words, rather than change it through the ammendment process. So I guess Racine's expansive definition of a fee is consistent with leftist philosophy after all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can get a part-time job with the city tagging as many privately owned things as possible - the city could collect lots of "fees" and they could give me a percentage. Maybe they could put their grant writer on this!

colt said...


Join the recall



it is hard to spell as bad as I do
but somehow if I was a lefty I would not be taking the flack for it

Denis Navratil said...

Update: After talking with the city UNIT worker and explaining that we have removed the graffiti from our building, he removed the inspection fee. I was told by my wife that he was very nice.

That is nice but somewhat besides the point. My issue is not with individual city workers but rather with our elected officials that allow unelected bureaucrats to decide policy (legislative function) enforce it (executive function) and handle appeals (judicial function). Whatever happened to the seperation of powers?

Nemo said...

After reading other posts at Free Racine and assuming that you have never been a Constitutional lawyer, unelected bureaucrat, or even a graffiti vandal I have to wonder if you, Dennis, are qualified to have an opinion on this subject. I mean really, the only thing you've done with these groups is listen to their drivel, pay their salaries, and suffer their abuse. Until you form irrational arguments, sponge off the taxpayers, and damage someone else's properity you should shut-up and pay the fine.

Caledonication said...

By providing a place for gang bangers to tag you are perpetuating gang activity, thereby providing the need for various task forces, thereby providing jobs and ultimately, contributing the the economic growth of Racine.

However, if you actually sold the gangbangers the spray paint you would have completed the full cycle of capitalism while increasing tax revenue at every level.

So c'mon. Get with the program Denis and do more than simply provide another "public surface". All I am saying, is give huffers a chance too.

Then maybe you can complain about so-called fees.

Anonymous said...

I still like my idea, which would be even more profitable for me now that I think about it because I could scam businesses for "protection" money so I don't tag their places while the city is paying me to tag their places.

Denis Navratil said...

good stuff Nemo and Caledon!