Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Union Can't Compete

I went to the city council meeting tonight. Three speakers addressed the issue of "prevailing wage" requirements that the city of Racine was allegedly not living up to. Most interestingly, one of the speakers noted that the unionized Racine labor could not compete with outside, non unionized labor. I am not suprised that unionized labor can't compete with non union workers, but I am not sure why the city taxpayers should needlessly pay extra money for union labor. The city should seek to get the best deal for their constituents, and unions should improve their businesses such that they can compete with non union companies.

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Anonymous said...

Unions killed American steel. Unions killed American cars.
Unions are about to kill one of the few industries left that is a symbol of American might, Boeing.
When you give dollars to the police, it goes to their fat pensions and early retirement, not to crime prevention.