Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disenfanchisement at Horlick

Now we all know that the reason Republicans have been pushing for a photo ID requirement for voters is because they want to disenfranchise and otherwise bring harm to black people.

In a related topic, spectators for tonight's Horlick football game "should be prepared to show a form of picture identification" to gain entry.

Why doesn't Horlick want black people to attend their football games?


Anonymous said...

better yet, muster up a frivolous lawsuit, create a poll tax, and make up claims of entry "fraud" by students, at the last minute, to deny access to the game to anyone entering that looks "un-american". LOL

Anonymous said...

yea, and they better not be from "un-american" parts of America either as Palin would say.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous thread! This is something IMPORTANT!!! A HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME!!! It's not like it's a congressional or presidential election.