Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Closing Gaps

The easiest way to close achievement or wealth gaps is to discourage achievement and wealth.


Rich said...

"The easiest way to close achievement or wealth gaps is to discourage achievement and wealth."

Not only discourage it, but also mock, and ridicule wealth.

The rich-bashing that I see is way too common and it is either motivated by petty jealousy? or perhaps by some sort of unique sense of fairness?

Whatever it is, I don't understand it.

Urban Pioneer said...

It seems to me if you took the Jew, everytime you hear the Left and Obama, but I repeat myself, for the CEO's, and the Rich, etc. it's like paraphrasing Hitler!! America you should aspire to be rich!! Not be embarrassed about it!

Urban Pioneer said...

Word^ "Jew".....

Sorry missed that..

smallgovsam said...

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” - Winston Churchill (except for the political class, of course)

And Rich, I do believe that scapgoating of the rich is nothing new and merely an extensive of the evolutionary, diametrical, tribal mindset that pits "us" against "them" and the belief that the only way people get wealthy is through some sort of exploitive relationship. Why is the Roman so wealthy compared to the Judean? Why does the Jew thrive while the serf toils? Why do British dwell in bungalows while the Indian is the pitiful denizen of the slum? Why does the industrialist get an air-conditioned office while the factory worker sweats? The answer does not have to do with the other's superior technology, his stronger institutions, or the demand for his skills. For those are external of my poverty. A convenient and expedient explanation would both delineate my indigent and my enemy's opulence.

It has been the mistake of numerous Marxists, socialists, and Fabians that people get rich at the expense of others when in fact the opposite is true. The path of wealth is paved with both labor and entrepreneurship, financed by trade, built by division of labor, and commissioned and constructed voluntarily by equals.

Rich said...

There's two kinds of people in this world, one that thinks there are two kinds of people and one that doesn't. (bad joke I saw on a blog somewhere)

But seriously, generally speaking there are two kinds of reactions to wealth: 1) those that are discouraged by it and are jealous of it so they mock and hate it. or 2) those that are motivated by it and aspire to achive their own little version of wealth.

I admit that I used to be petty and jealous. But I guess that I eventually matured, but only slightly :P