Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Clarity Needed

Mayoral candidate John Dickert has a letter to the Racine JT editor today wherein he seeks to clarify his position about inpecting Racine properties when they sell. Dickert states that the proposed ordinance would not be aimed at residential properties. Instead, his plan "deals with the multifamily slum properties that seem to be growing in Racine." However, Dickert adds "I have made it very clear that if you are a good landlord or tenant, you will not be affected by my proposal."

I want more clarity. Who will decide which landlords are good and which are bad? I want to see the ordinance that tries to define a "good" landlord or a "slumlord."


Anonymous said...

IMHO if you are Dickert pal you are a good landlord. If you are not then you are a slumlord

Anonymous said...

Denis -

Sent Dickert a campaign contribution = Good landlord

Did not send Dickert a campaign contribution = Slumlord.

How could it not be more simpler than that!

Anonymous said...

An invite for political contributions.

Anonymous said...

This is insane. Does he really think the people of Racine are so stupid? Pick and choose. That is harrassment. Good to know. I am writing in JODY.