Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Advancing a Freedom Agenda

What is the best approach to take in advancing a freedom agenda in Racine? Is it to elect leaders who will protect and expand the freedoms that have been gradually taken from us? Or is grass roots issue driven activism a better idea?

I am beginning to think that the latter is a better idea. For starters, let us face the facts. We have elected exactly zero individuals who are looking out for the freedom of individuals in Racine. Our alderman respond to political pressure only with little if any regard for the rights of individuals. It is easy, politically, to disregard the rights of individuals, one victim at a time.

An active and committed group could provide political support, one issue at a time, to those individual victims of government excess. If a group, looking out for the rights of individuals, began to have success here and there, it could be a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, members of such a group could then run for office and point to actual achievements. And the electorate, seeing exactly what a candidate has pursued and accomplished, will have a better idea of how a candidate may perform in office.

Or, to put this all another way, I am beginning to think that we have to create the demand for better representation, one issue at a time.


Urban Pioneer said...

Denis, You have described almost perfectly the Club For Growth..Which is an advocacy group which supports candidates who hold a strong penchant for for controlling spending, and getting back to the basics of Govt. This group mostly supports Republicans, but they have supported a few Dem's in restricted areas. IMHO "Club" is the BEST group to support "Conservative" ideology. In fact they have successfully challenge RINO's in primaries all across the country. One of the most noteworthy challenges, (Which the Club narrowly lost), Was Pat Toomey against Arlen Specter 5 years ago. Toomey lost by 1% or so, and he found himself as the president of the "Club" the past 4 years. Toomey just stepped down and has decided to AGIAN challenge RINO Arlen Specter next year..And it was announced about a half hour ago, after 30 years Specter is SWITCHING parties to the Dems!

Colt said...

Lets get the Rino's out Lets take back Racine. Lets start now!

Anonymous said...

I hope I continue to learn each day.
What is "Rino"?? is this something I missed because I don't watch tv?

Urban Pioneer said...

Anon a RINO is a Republican in Name only.
Examples include Arlen Specter, Mayor Bloomberg, John McCain!!! Occasionally Gov. Schwartzenegger, State Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin. Recently Greg Helding on the Liquor permits.

Now of course The Republican party demonstrated a lack of spending control during the first 6 Bush years, (Nothing in comparison to the Dems of 1956-1994, or the Dems of 2006- to Present. Still those of us who helped them to take the House and Senate in 1994, were a CONSERVATIVE force..we were so powerful that numerous Conservative Dems switched to the Republican Party, in the House Senate and at many local offices across the country.

You may notice many people you think are Republican will in fact stake out that they are CONSERVATIVES. Now it's time for the Right to take back the Party.

We need to court the right candidate like Mitt Romney, who recognizes we are the future, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Jaimie Charon and Jody Harding locally.

Let's all try to convince mark Neumann to run against Russ Feingold for Senate!! With Scott Walker for Gov'r we could grab both of those seats next year.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

U Pion, Mark Neumann? Make me gag! Money talks. Bullshit walks. Mark Neumann does both. The continued decline of our economy and society will be guaranteed if Mark Neumann is elected to any position. I will never forget his direct comment to me in a phone conversation, "we are wild animals, you never know which way we will turn", as he tried to weasel out of a binding contract. (He lost)

Urban Pioneer said...

Yes as I recall Mark Neumann Gave Feingold a pretty good Challenge last time. With Walker on top of the Ticket in He could pull it off. On the other hand I've heard last week Tommy Thompson is thinking about running for Gov. again..If he ran for Senate against Feingold and walker on the Gov. ticket. THAT would be amazing!!!So if yo agree with me e-mail Tommy's team and tell him to run for Senate. Scot Walker MUST be the next Governor!!

Anonymous said...

Denis great idea. We are supposed to already have such a group in the ACLU. But they are too concerned with nonsense. I have tried to contact them about serious issues. They are ineffective.