Sunday, April 12, 2009


Tim Sullivan, chief executive of Bucyrus (Milwaukee Journal commentary, Sunday, April 12) wants to hire "the best talent from within our communities" to help his growing company. His problem though, is that "a large portion of the region's employable population are unable to work in South Milwaukee because they can't get to work."

I am not buying the claim that a large percentage of the best talent in our communities can't get to South Milwaukee for a job. Perhaps they are just not that interested in a job that doesn't pay well enough for them to afford a car.


Anonymous said...

I will contact this guy PESONALLY tomorrow (Monday) and will tell him I can drive there in my own car and start working on Tuesday. I will report back when I am told I have no skills they can use.

colt said...


Tell him I can drive there too.

Anonymous said...

tell him i can drive there as well, but prefer to take the train

Colt said...


Since we be there before we will. And since we will not have to get up 2 hours earlier to get there be better rested.