Monday, April 06, 2009

Prediction for Mayoral Race

Certain to be wrong, but here it is anyway:

1) Dickert
2) Harding
3) Turner
4) Karas
5) Helding
6) Plache
7) Spangenberg
8) Shakoor
9) Hill-Driver
10) Fay
11) Charon


Josh said...

I agree with you, except flip Harding and Helding.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - you may not like him, but Helding is sure to be in the top three at least.

Colt said...

Karas Helding

Cole beats Fair.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Helding will be one of the finalists. Harding will come in between Shakoor and Hill-Driver. Dickert will probably be the other finalists, but don't count out Karas or Spangenberg.

Anonymous said...

Dickert vs Helding

Urban Pioneer said...

I went down to congratulate Dickert..and all my Leftie friends were there..

LOL But I'll support him in this rae and see what he doesn't spend in the next few years..

Colt said...

I was wrong, wow. At least Cole beat Fair and perhaps we can have Keith go back under a rock.
Dickert is bad for Racine good for Landlords bad for Racine.
Guess that West Racine should get ready for a slum to be forced on them. Hey at least John will sell you some great houses

Denis Navratil said...

Well, except for my hopeful pick of Jody Harding, I think I did pretty well. And anon 4:35, I never said I didn't like Greg Helding. It is his policy preferences that I haven't been liking lately.

Rear View Mirror said...

Good predictions, Denis. You got 5 of the eleven correct.

Who would have guessed that Helding would have done so poorly. I guess Racine isn't ready for "The Bulldozer."

Greg was at the Tea Party today (Saturday April 18). I spotted him several times during the event. I don't think his hands ever got out of his pockets. Never saw him smile...until the event was over. Too bad he went over to the Dark Side. He was so promising during his first campaign.

Jody did great at the Tea Party. Interrupted about 10 times with applause and cheering during her 5 minute speech.

One estimate was 300 attending. I forgot to count. Did you get one?

Did anyone get a video of this event. Putting it on Youtube would give the Tea Party new life. It would give Racine new life. This event said, “There is Hope for Racine.”