Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Campaign Advice

John Dickert has a plan. Like most people, I suspect, I don't know what it is nor am I inclined to find out. But I know it is a ten year plan.

If I were Bob Turner, I would immediately announce an eleven year plan. I would then denounce Dickerts short term strategies while stressing the importance and superiority of a long term vision for Racine.


Anonymous said...

Or if I was Jody Harding, I'd immediately deny voting rights to anyone who offers anything less than 10 years to deliver a plan..

Urban Pioneer said...

If I was Jody Harding, I'd announce a one year Plan...Every Year! Beginning immediately, combing thru the budget looking for savings, attrition, and waste.
Looking at Cooperative arrangements with surrounding communities. I would immediately call for a wait and see attitude regarding KRM.
I would think a 1-3 year "Freeze" on the budget, with targeted cuts, would be in order as well.

Anonymous said...

After nearly 20 years as a wannabe politico, as a lobbyist, office boy, etc., finally getting a 'job' as a real estate agent, (mediocre at best), now I have a 10 year plan. Right.