Thursday, April 09, 2009

Natural Born Tyrants

Several local second graders have all the answers to Racine's problems. The following are a sampling of their proposals, if they were mayor of Racine.

"If I was mayor, I would take all the smokes away from the stores and say no more smoking."

"If I was the mayor, I would make sure the gas prices were low..."

"If I were mayor, I would help people with problems and give free ice cream. Chuck E. Cheese will be free, and no smoking or you are going to jail."

"I would ban people from smoking in Racine. I don't want anyone to die if I was mayor. I want to take care of people."

Now my point here is not to poke fun at second graders. Rather, it is to poke fun at grown up liberals, if there is such a thing, because their political philosophy hasn't matured from the well intentioned, utopian thinking common among children. No wonder liberals keep wanting to lower the voting age.


Nemo said...

I read this somewhere, it needs repeating:

Liberalism is the idea that it is reality's responsibility to conform to my beliefs, because I have a right to believe whatever I want.

Anonymous said...

And I believe that Michelle Obama is HOT - plus SHE has highly-paid advisors who make sure she doesn't put on any of her dresses backwards like Angelina Jolie.

Anonymous said...

No place to post this on the Racine Post so I'll put it here:

"The Republican position of placing a lot of faith in the market is out of sync with most recent experience of both the public and the experts."
--Prof. Dennis Dresang of the UW-Madison's Robert M. La Follette School for Public Affairs

First, I hope that links to articles like this from "The Isthmus" are not followed by links to "The Shepherd". Second, would these "experts" - the ones who know more than the market - be the same ones who insisted that people with no credit or income be given home loans, and that Fannie/Freddie were fine and were being victimized by Republican smear campaigns?

Anonymous said...

Children are the product of conditioning - read your Alfred Binet again.
Conservatives believe in the conditioning of youth, rather than explore their thoughts to see if they are true or merely conditioned.
Your L
'Liberal' shot is superficial at best - prejudiced at worst.

Anonymous said...

Denis and Urban - read the last post. Knowing that a single person, let alone the many who would agree, added to the millions of people who have been promised freebies, millions who think the current leadership is for the "working man", the milions of union and other government/public employees - THIS is why I didn't vote Tuesday and will never vote again. Until last year I would have given my life for my country, now it is just an address.

Anonymous said...

To go along with post #3 in this thread, here is the bio for Dr. Dresang:

Note the term "pay equity" . . .

Mixter said...

You got a problem with free ice cream?


Anonymous said...

Hell no - where is it?

I just wish I could get on one of these highly-paid, extremely ethnically/culturally/sexually sensitive committes . . .